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Best Xbox SSD: Compare the best SSD options for your console

If you’re wondering what the best SSD is for your Xbox, look no further than our official summary of all the best ones out there for purchase right now.

Want to get more storage for your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, or cut down load times on your Xbox One X? You need an external SSD.

There’s only one obvious option for the Xbox Series X enthusiast, but if you still run a last generation Xbox One or mostly play cross-generation games on your Xbox Series console, we have more suggestions. These are the best Xbox SSDs you can buy right now.

Seagate Expansion Card 1TB

Seagate makes the official expansion card SSDs for the Xbox Series X and S consoles. You just plug one of these tiny drives into the slot on the back to expand available space with no performance hit. It’s incredibly easy to install; no tech know-how required here.


  • Tiny and convenient
  • Tailor made for Xbox Series X/S


  • Slightly higher prince than standard SSD drives

Seagate Game Drive

Made for last-generation Xbox One consoles, these SSDs speed up load times and simply plug into the USB port. You can’t load up games made only for Xbox Series X/S on them, but cross-platform ones work just fine. The design is made to look right at home next to your console, and you even get two months of Xbox Game Pass access bundled with the drive.


  • Xbox-influenced design
  • Far faster than an Xbox HDD


  • Can’t be used to load certain Xbox Series games

SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD 1TB

This cute little rugged SSD plugs right into the USB port of your Xbox One or Xbox Series console. It has a shock-resistant outer layer and a little loop, should you want to clip it to your jeans for portable use — handy if you think you might switch to using it as a standard portable data drive in future. Bear in mind you’ll only be able to install older generation or cross-generation games, or store other files, when used with an Xbox Series S or X.


  • Small, pocketable design
  • Rugged rubberised outer
  • Perfect for older generation Xbox consoles


  • Can’t be used to run Xbox Series-only games

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It’s always a frustrating moment when you max out your Xbox hard drive with the latest and greatest video games, but these expertly-chosen SSDs should give you some peace of mind. Whether you’ve got the Xbox One or the Xbox Series X, whether portability is a priority or not, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for in our curated list.





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