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BMW has sold its millionth electric vehicle, and aims to hit two million all-electric sales by 2025

BMW has sold one million electric vehicles, but that’s only increased the brand’s ambitions: it has now publicly targeted selling two million electric-only cars by 2025.

On 7 December, BMW announced the proud landmark of having sold its millionth electric vehicle, and it is more clear than ever that the brand’s future is electric.

The big one million number includes both all-electric cars and hybrids too (the latter of which account for 70% of the total), but the German marque has now set itself a new challenge of selling two million electric-only vehicles by 2025, and for 50% of global sales to be electric by 2030. Considering that the group claims to have made 2,325,179 deliveries just in 2020, that’s an impressive large amount of new electrified cars that will be hitting the road in the near future.

BMW’s current electric car offering includes models such as the i3 and i3s hatchbacks, the iX and iX3 SUVs, and the i4 sedan. To meet its electric sales targets even more electrified models will be released in the coming years, with nine new cars apparently on the way by 2025.

We’ve already had a taste of what one of those vehicles could look like, thanks to the publicity around the BMW XM Concept. This is another formidable-looking SUV, although its large looming front grilles have proved divisive among fans of the brand.

BMW is of course far from the only brand to be betting big on electricity. We’ve already heard that Jaguar will become an all-electric brand by 2025, while the UK as a whole is planning to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030.




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