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Buyer’s guide: The ultimate Apple AirPod case protectors

Apple’s sleek minimalist white cases are already designed to protect your AirPods, but if you want to add a splash of individuality to your earbuds or just keep them in top condition, make sure to check our carefully selected collection of AirPod cases.

AirPods are not particularly fragile if you keep them in their protective charging case when not in use. However, that outer case can get scratched or scraped quite easily as it is made of smooth plastic. If you want to keep it looking fresh for a year or more, consider buying a separate outer case. That’s right, it’s a case for a case. You can find plenty for sale on Amazon, but here are some of our top AirPods case recommendations.

Spigen Urban Fit

Spigen is a mobile accessories master. It’s no wonder the company makes some of the best AirPods cases. The Urban Fit has a woven fabric outer, adding a nice layer of texture, an inner polycarbonate protective skeleton, and a microfibre layer between the case and the AirPods’ own charging case. Simple, practical and effective. The Spigen Urban Fit also includes a carabiner, to let you attach the case to a bag or belt loop.


  • Well-made single piece case with good protective credibility
  • Includes a carabiner
  • Fabric outer gives the case a distinctive but low key appearance


  • May not appeal so much if you’re big into Apple aesthetics

Elago AW5 Case

Here’s one for the retro fans. This is a simple silicone case with a little loop to let you attach a carabiner, also included. The design is inspired by the Nintendo Gameboy handheld console, a cute reminder of gaming habits of years gone by. Its decorative buttons aren’t just printed onto the case; they’re embossed elements of the surface. 


  • Cute retro-themed design
  • Rubbery design offers good scratch and drop protection
  • Doesn’t block wireless charging


  • Adds some bulk to your Apple AirPods case

GEAR4 AirPods Case Apollo

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best. The GEAR4 Apollo is a fairly plain silicone jacket for your AirPods, with a loop to attach the included carabiner clip. This is a little different to many of the other silicone cases out there though, as it’s a one-piece solution. Others use two separate pieces, which can lead to the top part popping off if it isn’t securely in place.


  • Available in multiple colours
  • Simple, and good value


  • Not the most stylish case going

The era of wireless headphones is in full swing, and with that comes the need for protective shells for our earbuds. Whether you’re protecting them while traveling or simply making them look good, our expertly crafted list of AirPod cases will help you express yourself while keeping your buds safe and sound.


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