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Call of Duty: Vanguard pays its respects to a classic video game meme

The latest Call of Duty games features a callback to an earlier moment in the franchise, which swiftly became a classic internet meme.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare boasted one of the all-time iconic video game moments, and for all the wrong reasons. In a supposedly emotional moment near the beginning of the campaign, the protagonist is present at the funeral of a fallen marine; after watching his comrades place their hands on the casket to pay respects, your character approaches to do the same, only for a cringeworthy command to pop up in the middle of the screen and ruin the otherwise sombre moment, reading: “Press F to pay respects”.

That clumsy, clunking quicktime event managed to encapsulate the contrived and shallow nature of so many militaristic video games, and soon became an internet meme that still has currency today, with users simply typing ‘F’ to show sympathy (albeit often ironically) for someone on a online forum or gaming lobby. It turns out that even the Call of Duty franchise itself still hasn’t got over the ill-conceived cutscene, because the latest game in the series actually pays its respects to it (as it were).

One of the attainable trophies, or achievements, available when you’re playing Call of Duty: Vanguard on PlayStation or Xbox respectively, is simply named ‘F’. To hear that magical notification sound that confirms you’ve completed the challenge, all you have to do is blow yourself up with your own grenade.

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As for all those gamers who discovered this neat little Easter egg the hard way, via an accidental detonation… Can I get an ‘F’ in the chat, guys?




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