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Dead by Daylight gets a massive Resident Evil update

The horror game Dead by Daylight has just received a new chapter featuring iconic Resident Evil characters and locations.

Dead by Daylight, the survival horror game, has teamed up with the esteemed horror franchise Resident Evil to bring characters and locations into the game, in news that’s sure to please both sets of fans.

Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy will both join the franchise as Survivors, whose job it is to escape from the Killer, which will be a Nemesis T-Type (but known as The Tyrant in this iteration).

As you’d expect, these characters all have unique in-game abilities. Jill Valentine can place a mine directly on a generator, while Leon can spawn flashbang grenades around the map; but the real fun comes to the party courtesy of the Tyrant.

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Using its tentacle, the Tyrant can attack from range – and infect Survivors with the T-virus, which not only makes his attacks even more damaging, but also makes the unlucky Survivors cough and splutter so that they’re even more detectable and therefore more vulnerable to a devastating follow-up attack. As if that wasn’t already enough, the Tyrant can also spawn zombies who carry the T-virus. Players will have access to vaccines which reverse the effects of the virus, but you’ll have to employ them strategically as they’re limited in number.

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Fans of Dead by Daylight will know that this isn’t the first time it has featured an ambitious crossover. Tie-ins with other historic titles have brought other legends into the game, including Leatherface (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre), Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street), Ash (Evil Dead), Demogorgon (Stranger Things) and Pyramid Head (Silent Hill).

Who knows which creepy character will be next after Resident Evil has taken part, but we’re certainly looking forward to it (albeit through trembling fingers).



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