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Disney Plus Review

Disney Plus – Gold Award

Disney’s dedicated streaming service might have a long way to go to catch up with the likes of Netflix and Prime Video, but its catalogue of undeniable Disney classics and affordable price make it a winner in our books.

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What we love – Disney classics, price and 4K support

Anyone who’s tried to build up a collection of Disney DVDs/blu-rays knows that the practice can cost a fortune. Disney’s movies are notorious for rarely ever wavering in price, which is exactly why Disney Plus’ killer feature is its price.

At just £5.99 a month (or £59.99 if you opt for an annual subscription), Disney Plus is not only one of the most affordable streaming platforms on the market, it’s also the cheapest way to dive into Disney’s vault of classic titles.

If you’ve got kids, being able to chuck on staples like Robin Hood, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin at a moment’s notice is a Godsend. When you’re done showing them the stuff that you watched as a child, there’s also a ton of modern content with the likes of Frozen 2 and Hamilton having recently appeared on the service.

Despite its affordable price point, Disney Plus still offers 4K UHD support (where possible) without charging you extra – something that’s completely foreign to the pricing structures of Netflix or Now TV.

You can even stream on 10 devices at one time across seven accounts. All of this adds up to some fantastic value for money, but that doesn’t mean that Disney Plus is completely without its faults.

What we don’t like – Not a lot of original content, fiddly UI

By now you’ve probably seen enough Baby Yoda memes to last a lifetime, but outside of The Mandalorian, Disney Plus doesn’t really have that much in the way of must-watch content.

There’s a ton of MCU TV shows coming down pipeline, featuring key characters like Loki and Hawkeye, but Disney has been incredibly slow to introduce any of this content in a schedule that makes sense. Compare this to Netflix’s strategy, which sees the service pump out several original shows and movies each month.

On top of its original content issues, Disney Plus’ UI – while sleek – feels rather unintuitive. There’s no way of searching for 4K-ready content without clicking on each individual title, and a text search can often ping back some unyielding results.


If you’re after an affordable way to stream Disney’s vast back catalogue of classic movies and TV shows, then Disney Plus will be right up your street. The lack of original content does put it at odds with more robust streaming services, but there’s no getting around the fact that Disney Plus is a must-have for family movie nights. Oh, and it has The Simpsons, which is really all you need to know.


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