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Does Resident Evil Village have the scariest video game moment of all time?

The video game series renowned for its bone-chilling horror spectacles has perhaps just dropped the scariest scene of them all.

It all started just as an inside rumour, whispered among traumatised game journos who had the good luck (or should that be bad luck?) to get advance previews of Resident Evil Village: “Was it just me, or did that scene give you nightmares? You know… that scene?”

The sequence in question soon became even more anticipated among hardcore horror fans than the notorious ten-foot tall gothic vampiress, who has incited a very different kind of emotion among certain elements of the online community.

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Since the game was released on May 7, the cursed clip has found its way online so you can now judge its scariness for yourself in the video below. A word of warning: in case the title ‘Giant Baby Fetus Monster Boss Fight’ didn’t clue you in, it’s not for the faint of heart.

For those brave souls who looked that thing in the face and had the nerve to carry on reading, I can only apologise for all the sleepless nights coming your way.

Our editor Alastair Stevenson finished the game ahead of its release, naturally using a giant monitor with surround sound to get the most immersive experience possible. When asked for how he felt when this scene took him by surprise, I’m afraid the resulting quote was, erm, unquotable. I fear he’ll never be the same again…

At least some Twitter users have seen the funny side of this haunting encounter, and have created memes that make light of the monstrous moment:

Now you’ve seen the video or perhaps even played the game yourself, do you agree that this is the scariest moment you’ve ever seen in a game? Or is this just weak sauce compared to series such as Dead Space or Silent Hill? Let us know what you think in the poll below:



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