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Missing match day? EE’s new AR experience won’t replace your pie and a pint

EE is attempting to bring you closer to the footy with a new “Match Day Experience.” Unfortunately, like attending matches at the moment, it’s a bit of an exclusive club.

The new Match Day Experience invites you… well, nowhere. Instead, users on the EE Full Works iPhone plan with a new 5G iPhone get access to some new features built on top of the BT Sport app – from different camera angles to exploring your fave grounds in AR.

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Here’s the interesting stuff included in the new Match Day Experience features you’ll get access to (unfortunately, roaring grounds and overpriced half-time snacks are not included):

  • Watch Together – Watching the game with your mates is surely the big draw of most games and EE will let you watch matches in split-screen with three friends. Unlike the rest of these features, you can also put it up on the big screen. You’ll all need to be BT and EE customers for this (as well as have a large screen add-on for the latter).
  • 360 – EE is bringing fans back to the stadium (virtually) in the best way it can, offering 360 cameras in the BT Sport app. You’ll be able to pick from several different camera positions and use “pinch and zoom” to have a gander around your old haunt.
  • Stadium Experience – Here’s the part that might let you reminisce a bit, bringing back memories of your home ground. Using AR, you’ll be able to plonk stadiums, dressing rooms and chockful or dust-laden trophy rooms right into your living room
  • Dolby Atmos –  We’re not quite sure how much Dolby Atmos offers on a phone but the improved sound experience will launch for selected events later in the season.
  • Manager Mode – The app whacks some key real-time stats onto the pitch as you watch so you can back up your post-match rants with some hard facts.

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Watching games with your mates, a bit of 360 and taking some virtual AR stadiums are clearly the big talking points of EE’s new football tech. However, with select features only available on your phone, it’s a bit naff when not many of us are on the go right now – also making the link to 5G a bit tenuous.


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