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Electric Cars: UK interest jumps by 500% after news of incoming fossil fuel ban

After the announcement that fossil fuelled cars will no longer be sold in the UK after 2030, the Brits have started busily looking into their electric options.

Last week, the Prime Minister announced that cars and vans powered wholly by petrol or diesel would no longer be permitted to be sold in the UK from 2030. It’s a significant shift for motoring and of course for the climate, matching the commitment of Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands to phase out polluting vehicles. Hopefully the change will see both a reduction in emissions and harmful pollution, particularly in built-up areas.

However, this lofty target put Brits into a bit of a panic – as reported that enquires for electric vehicles had increased by 500% following this news. Prior to the announcement, electric cars represented 6.5% of vehicle searches in the previous month, but 10.3% in the day following the announcement, reported CleanTechnica.

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Of course there’s no rush to buy the cars just yet as you’ll still be allowed to drive petrol or diesel-fuelled cars after 2030, it’s just the sale of them that’s banned. But nonetheless, in the coming years we expect tougher and tougher restrictions to come into place against fossil fuelled cars to push consumers towards buying hybrid or electric motors instead.

More concerning is whether the UK will have all the necessary infrastructure in place to meet this target, as so far only £4 billion of funding has been allocated to make the necessary changes.

But has this recent news affected your purchasing decision? Were you already committed to going electric, regardless of what the government decrees? Or will you be a petrolhead until your beloved engine is prized from your cold, dead hands? Let us know in the poll below.




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