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Ever wanted to see an iPhone 12 Pro thrown out of a hot air balloon? Your niche prayers have been answered

Case manufacturer Mous is pretty proud of its latest range of cases and it’s doing its best to show everyone just how durable they are. The latest show of strength comes via a plunge from on high for the iPhone 12 Pro.

Okay, so it’s unlikely that you’ll be worried about fumbling your iPhone over the edge of a hot air balloon basket but hopefully you get the point of this stunt – the cases seem pretty strong. We’ll get a bit more into the tech behind them and the different ones you can get but first, here’s the video evidence of the iPhone 12 Pro tomfoolery:

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Mous iPhone 12

While we’re always eager to get our hands on the latest products, we won’t be conducting any of our tests from a hot air balloon anytime soon (even though the results here are quite impressive).

The case in question was the latest Limitless 3.0 from Mous, which uses AiroShock tech to provide the immense impact protection. The new cases will work with MagSafe, using the company’s AutoAlignPlus feature. 

Despite its robustness, the cases don’t look all that bulky, with Mous describing the cases as “slim and sleek.” There’s choice in the design department too, so you aren’t stuck with function over form here, with ‘Aramid Fibre’, ‘Bamboo’, ‘Black Leather’, ‘Speckled Fabric’, and ‘Walnut’ on offer for iPhone 12 Pro.

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Mous iPhone 12

The stunt itself saw the company’s actual CEO and co-founder James Griffith be the one to initiate the big drop. Griffith said:

“We are extremely confident in the protectivity of our phone cases but stunts like this are so crazy that you never really know whether the phone will survive or not. We always like to test our new cases to the extreme so the customer can feel very confident using them day-to-day.”

Co-founder Lucy Hutchinson also spoke on the company’s unfriendliness towards iPhones in order to get their desired results:

“Since we started the company in 2014, we’ve broken over 100 iPhones in product testing. We know how much people value their tech devices so we work hard to keep them protected and ensure people can get the most out of their most valued tools.”

You can currently order the Mous Limitless 3.0 cases for the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, with prices ranging from £27.99 to £47.99 depending on size and design.


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