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Five things you need to check out on Peacock, from classic series to all-new content

A new streaming service, named Peacock, has just arrived in the UK and Ireland. Among the reams of choice, here’s what you should check out first.

Peacock, the official streaming service of NBCUniversal, has just arrived in the UK and Ireland, and is currently available to subscribers of Sky TV or NOW. With all the options already out there, you might be wondering what Peacock brings to the table — so here are our top tips for what to watch on the new platform now and in the coming months as the platform continues to be populated.

All-New Shows

The biggest reason to get stuck into any new streaming service is of course to feast your eyes upon new content that you can’t get anywhere else. There are plenty of Peacock exclusives that have already been released Stateside but are finally making their way to the UK and Ireland, including The Girl in the Woods and Rutherford Falls, and on top of that, there are more on the way such as Vampire Academy and The Missing.

battlestar galactica

Our pick of the bunch: Battlestar Galactica

We’re especially looking forward to the reboot of this legendary sci-fi series, to find out the fata of the stranded spacecraft carrier. No release date has yet been forthcoming, but we’re keeping our eyes peeled and our fingers crossed that its as good as the original.

Classic Cinema

There’s nothing like sitting down in front of a time-honoured classic movie, and it’s true what they say – they don’t make them like they used to. In Peacock’s collection you’ll be spoiled for choice, with the legendary blockbusters ranging from cult classics like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, to David Fincher’s enigmatic thriller The Game, the Coen brothers’ immaculate comedy-musical O Brother Where Art Thou?, and a powerhouse Pacino performance in Scent of a Woman.

out of sight poster edit

Our pick of the bunch: Out of Sight

The crackling chemistry between George Clooney as a charming crook and Jennifer Lopez in the role of a determined but tender US Marshall makes Steven Soderbergh’s thriller a crowd-pleasing must-see.

Reality TV

On the other hand, you’re not always in the mood for high-minded cinema. Reality TV may not everyone’s cup of tea — but if you want to watch some larger than life characters ‘spill the tea’ then there’s plenty to choose from on Peacock. From The Real Housewives to Million Dollar Listing, you’ll be able to get plenty of vicarious enjoyment watching how others live.


Our pick of the bunch: Keeping Up with the Kardashians

It may have finally — and perhaps mercifully — ground to a halt, but the show that made billionaires of its stars and irrevocably changed modern pop culture (for better or worse).


When you’re looking for a laugh that’s not at the expense of the exhibitionists in the shows mentioned above, Peacock has got you covered from romantic comedies like The Mindy Project to the regular sketch show Saturday Night Live.

30 rock

Our pick of the bunch: 30 Rock

Tina Fey’s brilliantly funny series never really took off in the UK, but you can appreciate her loveable character of Liz Lemon along with the disarmingly detestable Jack Donaghy, played to perfection by Alec Baldwin.

Binge-worthy Box Sets

There’s nothing quite like sitting down to treat yourself to a full drama series from start to finish, and you’ve got a fair few to choose from here. There’s a selection of period pieces (Downton Abbey), moody horror (Bates Motel), legal serials (Suits), and medical dramas (House).

12 monkeys series

Our pick of the bunch: 12 Monkeys

The TV series adaptation of the 1995 science fiction thriller is equally as unsettling as it is thought-provoking, and it just keeps getting better up to its finale.





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