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Fortnite will soon host an in-game concert featuring pop star Ariana Grande

Fortnite will host another in-game concert, and this time the star on the top of the bill will be none other than Ariana Grande.

As if Fortnite wasn’t entertaining enough already, the game is now set to feature five digital performances from Ariana Grande, as part of her Rift Tour, starting from August 6 at 6pm ET (10pm GMT).

The promotional teaser (above) shows off plenty of dazzling effects and stylized images, from an amber sunrise to a cloud with those iconic bunny ears and even some kind of giant supervillain, so viewers should be in for a dazzling experience when they boot up the game.

The pre-announced performance times as as follows:

  • Friday August 6, 6pm ET (10pm GMT)
  • Saturday August 7, 2pm ET (6pm GMT)
  • Sunday August 8, 12am ET (4am GMT)
  • Sunday August 8, 10am ET (2pm GMT)
  • Sunday August 8, 6pm ET (10pm GMT)

Considering that fans have missed out on watching their favourite signers and musicians going on tour during this pandemic, a virtual concert like this seems to be just the ticket.

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The shows are likely to feature songs from Grande’s latest album, Positions, which was released in October 2020. Using Fortnite will allow the popstar to get ever more creative with the accompanying imagery for the music, although a literal depiction of the lyrics of 34+35 might cause some trouble given the game’s young fanbase.

This isn’t the game’s first concert experience; previous artists to feature on the virtual stage have included Travis Scott, Marshmello and Easy Life. These events have drawn in millions of viewers, so who’s to say whether Fortnite will one day become the new Madison Square Garden on an artist’s world tour?




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