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Forza Horizon 5: New gameplay trailer drops, alongside a swish special edition controller

The new Xbox-exclusive racing game has just been shown off in a lengthy new trailer, and its tie-in controller is a stylish statement.

Its launch may still be some way off (November 9 to be exact) but we’ve got a better idea than ever before of what to expect when Forza Horizon 5 comes racing onto the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S., thanks to this thrilling new trailer that shows off the first eight minutes of the game:

The game starts off with the player behind the wheel of an airdropped Ford Bronco, as it tears around the lava flows of an active volcano. The jaw-dropping settings continue to change from thereon out, flitting between arid deserts and lush jungles while there’s a similarly impressive array of cars on offer too. Weather conditions also vary from sandstorms to wet marshlands, meaning challenging driving conditions even for experienced players of the popular series.

The sneak peek at Forza Horizon 5’s new gameplay  wasn’t the only good news to come to fans of the game. A stylish new controller, cast in a transparent gold colour and “splashed” with pink and blue powder, was also announced. 

It’s currently available on pre-order for £64.99 ($74.99), and will be released on the same date as the game, November 9. That might seem like a considerable increase on the standard price of an Xbox controller (£49.99/$59.99), but you’ll get some exclusive DLC bundled in too.





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