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From Leica with Love: This new James Bond camera is to die for

Leaked images show a special edition Leica camera that pays tribute to James Bond, and it’s even smarter than his best dinner jacket.

If you were to imagine a tie-in product for the James Bond franchise, you might think of a car, an alcoholic drink, or even a handgun. A camera wouldn’t exactly be top of the list, seeing as Bond usually lays waste to scenic locales with gleeful abandon rather than snapping pictures for the family album — but this collaboration for Leica has changed our minds.

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Cast in black with golden accents and a leather strap, the camera looks even more beautiful than some of the actresses who have graced the screen alongside cinema’s supreme spy. And what’s more, this camera will actually be taken out more than once before being callously cast aside.

It has to be conceded that the tribute to 007 is fairly hard to spot; well, he is supposed to be a secret agent after all. But the eagle-eyed will notice that at the very bottom of the screen at the rear, it is branded “Daniel Craig x Greg Williams”. While the former needs no introduction (aside from walking from right to left across the screen and shooting down a gun barrel at the beginning of each movie), the latter is a British photographer who has shot portraits of the star in previous promotional campaigns.

The swish snapper is a variant of the Leica Q2, which our sister site Trusted Reviews praised in its review: “The Q2 is a formidable camera, blessed with a bulletproof build, wonderful viewfinder and sterling image quality. Its handling won’t be for everyone, nor will the price tag or limitations of its video capture. However, if you’re just focused on stills and your budget stretches to these levels, you’ll be very pleased with what you get in return.”

Leica Rumors reports that only 750 units of the Leica Q2 Daniel Craig x Greg Williams will ever be produced, and we’re aching to get our hands on one even if that does mean using our licence to kill.



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