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Future iPhones could borrow a fun feature from the Nintendo DS

A classic feature from the Nintendo DS could make its way onto the iPhone, according to details from a patent recently lodged by Apple.

One of the wackier parts of Mario Kart on the DS involved actually physically blowing into the microphone on the side of the device in order to inflate in-game balloons. It was a fun tactic in itself, and even more entertaining to watch other people look slightly deranged as they puffed into an inanimate object with all their might during Battle Mode.

That’s why it’s good news to hear that Apple is reportedly considering implementing a blow-control feature on its future devices, if the brand’s new patent is anything to go by.

The official document was filed for “Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for detecting blow events with an electronic device and for switching between different modes of an electronic device based on detected blow events are provided.”

As of yet we don’t know what the specific implementation will be for. It’s possible that the new feature could also have a function in mobile gaming, or it could simply be an alternative way of using the touchscreen while your hands are busy or somehow incapacitated. Of course, as it is only in its early stages of development, there’s no guarantee that it will ever be fully realised, and it’s at the least unlikely that it will make its debut on the upcoming iPhone 13.

In fact, from what we’ve learned from leaks and rumours so far, Apple’s next flagship doesn’t seem set to boast any game-changing features in particular. Both the screen notch and camera bump are said to be decreased in size, while the battery will probably have an increased capacity, but overall it seems likely to be a modest upgrade on the excellent iPhone 12



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