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Here’s our first look at The Last of Us TV series

The first shot from the upcoming series of The Last of Us has been released, giving us an early peek at the highly anticipated video game adaptation.

Fewer video games were as highly acclaimed or cinematic as 2013’s The Last of Us, so it’s hardly surprising that it will shortly receive its own adaptation. The post-apocalyptic zombie survival adventure story is currently under production at HBO, who have just published the very first image from the shoot which shows our two protagonists in costume and in character:

Starring Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian) and Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones), this initial shot shows the two of them with their backs to the camera as they survey the countryside in front of them, with wreckage littering the hill opposite. The clothing seems identical to that of the game, while the scenery is somehow bucolic and foreboding at the same time, which seems fitting for a tale set in a contemporary United States that is suddenly thrown into anarchy due to a ravaging virus (sound familiar?)

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The talent involved in the series is not just limited to the two stars in front of the camera; the storyline will be written by Neil Druckmann, who was behind the original game from the Naughty Dog studio, and Craig Mazin, who was the screenwriter for 2019’s Chernobyl. If the production can somehow combine the thrilling narrative arc of the former with the deathly chilling realism of the latter, then it will surely be hard to tear out eyes away from the finished product.

Shooting on The Last of Us is due to end in June 2022, but there is currently no date given for its expected release.





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