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Hublot has launched a Premier League smartwatch, but you’ll need a footballer’s salary to buy one

Hublot has launched a Premier-League themed luxury smartwatch, and it costs almost as much as Manchester City’s starting XI.

The Swiss watch manufacturer Hublot has just announced the Big Bang e Premier League, a WearOS smartwatch with a price tag of 4,900 Swiss Francs (approximately £3,900). While that would hardly make a dent in Gareth Bale’s weekly pay packet, it might be quite a bit harder for the casual fan to justify such an expense, even if they haven’t been able to splash out on a season ticket this year.

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While you’d think that a watch retailing for such an astronomical amount would boast the very best tech available, this timepiece actually runs on the last-generation Snapdragon 3100 chipset, also offering 1GB RAM, 8GB storage, and a 300mAh battery capacity.

Image Credit: Hublot

Most of the value lies in its exclusivity; only 200 of these limited edition devices have been made, so it’s extremely difficult to get your hands on one unless your name is Jose Mourinho or Alan Shearer, who were given them for free and proudly sport them in the promotional pictures. 

You might be wondering what links this watch to the Premier League. Well most of the advantages are delivered via the Hublot Loves Premier League Football app, which is already available to all Hublot Big Bang Connected e owners.  According to the official website, this app gives animated notifications for kick-off times, goals, penalties, substitutions, red and yellow cards, and added time. It also will display team line-ups and VAR decisions – though if these are as frustrating as usual, try not to take your anger out on the exorbitantly expensive item itself.

A lightweight version of the watch will also be supplied to Premier League referees, and this will of course boast additional functions such as the goal-line technology signals that alert the man in the middle to when the ball has crossed the line.


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