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iPhone 12, HomePod mini or AirPods Studio: What are you most excited to see?


Apple’s massive iPhone 12 launch event is set to kick off tomorrow evening and we’re expecting to see plenty of new product goodness. Here’s a swift guide through the key goodies we’re expecting to see, as well as some we probably won’t. Make sure to vote for the Apple device you’re most excited for at the bottom of this article.

Apple’s usually launched its flagship phones by now but, in this tumultuous 2020, it’s been pushed back a tad. We now know the phones will appear tomorrow (October 13). The event starts at 6 PM BST (10 AM PDT) and you can watch the event along with us right here:

Head back here after the big event as we’ll be updating this page with all the huge announcements.

If you still haven’t gotten the skinny on this year’s Apple September event then we’ve also got the key info on the new iPads, Apple One and Apple Watch devices in our #TimeFlies event roundup. We’re expecting to get some key release dates for these product tomorrow night.

Let’s crack on with our quick preview of the exciting products we’re expecting to crop up, with a swift take on everything you need to know. Remember to vote once you’re all done getting up to date.

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iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini

Apple began expanding the lineup several years back – adding the “Plus” moniker – and then continued the expansion all the way to last year where we had the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. 

Well, Apple isn’t done and this year we are expecting an iPhone 12 mini as well. At first, it seemed we’d just be getting two sizes of iPhone 12 – 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch models. However, tips from leakers like DuanRui have pointed towards the return of the Apple “mini” moniker – last seen on the iPod mini.

Aside from naming conventions, we’re expecting to see a few snazzy new features on these new iPhone 12 models – from a new industrial design, an OLED display, triple camera setup and the latest A14 Bionic processors.

Pricing of iPhone 12 is expected to start at $749 while iPhone 12 mini is set to cost $649. UK usually gets a rough deal with iPhones, and so we’re expecting pricing to be about the same at £749 and £649 respectively (via MacRumors).

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iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max

Like in 2019, we’re expecting two models of “Pro” this year. However, some rumours are pointing towards there being more differences than just size this time. 

Reports from Jon Prosser and The Fast Company have said the Pro Max will get a LiDAR camera and 5G mmWave respectively, while the regular Pro may be left without the former and only get “regular” sub-6GHz 5G you find on most current 5G phones.

For size, we’re expecting the regular iPhone 12 Pro to be 6.1-inch – just like iPhone 12 – and for iPhone 12 Pro Max to be 6.7-inch.

iPhone 12 Pro pricing is expected to begin at $999, with the Pro Max kicking off pricing at $1099.

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HomePod mini

We’re expecting the big event to be super iPhone-centric but one non-phone device that seems almost nailed on is the new HomePod mini.

The device is, quite obviously, a mini HomePod. The miniature speaker is expected to be just 3.3-inches tall and cost $99.

Apple AirTags

While the full iPhone 12 reveal seems like a dead cert for this event, the next two products are a bit more on the fence. 

Apple AirTags have been rumoured for some time and will be the announcement that current tracker king Tile will be dreading. If you’re familiar with the Tile Bluetooth trackers then all you need to know is this is Apple’s take – but using its advanced ultra-wideband location tracking tech.

You’ll be able to pop a tag on your keys, in your bag or even on electrical devices so you can find them using Apple’s Find My app if they ever get lost.

No word on pricing yet for these little trackers but Tile devices are relatively cheap – costing between £19.99 and £29.99 for different models.

AirPods Studio

The next ‘could happen’ device is the eventual arrival of some Apple over-ear headphones – the AirPods Studio. These have been rumoured for a long time (via Bloomberg) and those Apple fans who aren’t into the plug-y nature of AirPods can begin to get hyped.

The AirPods Studio are expected to have all the nifty Apple switching and connectivity tech afforded to all devices in its ecosystem, while also providing support for features like Dolby Atmos and ANC as well as customisable bands and gesture controls (via MacWorld). Pricing is expected to be somewhere between £350-£400.

Arm MacBook

While either of the two previous products could be Tim Cook’s “one more thing” of the evening, if Apple really wants to go out with a bang then we could see the very first Apple Silicon MacBook.

Ever since Apple announced the transition to Arm away from Intel earlier in the year, we’ve been waiting to get confirmation of its first product – could next Wednesday by the day? 

A 12-inch MacBook is expected to be the first commercially available Apple Silicon Mac, with rumours pointing towards a starting price of £999, much-improved battery life and the potential for a 12-core processor (via MacRumors).

Those are all the big releases we are either expecting or, simply, hoping to see at the event on October 13. Let your voice be heard in the poll below, head back here to watch the event itself and catch up on all the key details after it’s over.



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