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LEGO has launched an enormous replica Titanic model, and it looks shipshape

LEGO has just announced a stunningly detailed and incredibly large scale model of the RMS Titanic, the world’s most famous ship.

110 years after its fateful launch, LEGO has announced a faithful replica of the RMS Titanic, the luxury liner that was the largest ship afloat in its time, but tragically sank in the North Atlantic Ocean in 1912 with the loss of more than 1,500 lives.

The set is truly enormous, comprising of 9,090 pieces in total and measuring over 1.3 metres in length; needless to say, the very thought of having to construct this massive and dauntingly detailed replica model might give you a sinking feeling if you’re not a passionate brick-builder.

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At a ratio of 1:200 to the actual ship itself, this model even boasts accurate interior cross sections including the First Class Grand Staircase, Dining Saloon and Engine Room. However, it seems that it will lack minifigures of the star-crossed lovers Jack and Rose along with a door only big enough for one of them.

You can display the finished model with its dedicated stand and plaque, whereupon it will surely become a conversation piece for visitors to the house. That said, the majority of those conversations may revolve around asking how much free time you have on your hands.

lego titanic model

Image Credit: Lego

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Once complete, the model measures 44cm tall, 16cm wide, and 135cm long, and it is recommended to builders aged 18 years or more. The set will retail for a price of €629.99 / $629.99 / £569.99 depending on your region.


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