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A new MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro? What to expect from the Apple ‘One More Thing’ event

Apple has long used the phrase “one more thing” to provide us with an extra product at the end of an event. This year, it’s set to be a whole event. Apple’s last big event of 2020 is expected to introduce the first Apple Silicon Macs. Here’s what we’re expecting and we also want to hear from you on what you’re most excited to see.

Earlier this year, Tim Cook dropped the bombshell that Apple’s time using Intel processors for its Macs was coming to an end and a two-year transition to Apple Silicon would begin before the year is out. On November 10, the first ARM-based MacBooks are rumoured to be revealed.

Apple has been using its own silicon in mobile devices for many years now and has really shown what it’s capable of with the most recent iPad Pro 2020. Apple is now set to bring the efficiency, battery life and ecosystem gains of using its own ARM-based silicon to its Macs. 

We’re excited to see what’s in store and there remains conflicting rumours on the incoming first Apple Silicon laptops, making for an even more exciting event. Let us take you through the key information floating around the web and then make sure to let us know what you’re hoping to see at the One More Thing event.

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A new 12-inch MacBook

Even before the announcement of Apple Silicon, the main driver of speculation regarding a new ARM-based MacBook were rumours putting their weight behind a reintroduction of the 12-inch MacBook (via The China Times).

However, as we move closer to November 10, it’s seeming like this device won’t be coming this year – if at all. Smaller MacBook fans should temper their expectations ahead of the One More Thing event.

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A redesigned MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

The introduction of Apple Silicon MacBooks seems like the perfect time to redesign the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, which has had a relatively unchanged design for much of the last decade

Many of the rumours of the MacBook redesign rumours focus on a new display (via TrendForce). The new display design would finally see those rather large bezels on 13-inch models of MacBook Pro slimmer down, accommodating a 14-inch panel in a similar form-factor. The display tech itself was also rumoured to change, with Mini-LED replacing the current LCD panels.

However, the current rumour mill has poo-pooed any grand redesigns for the first iteration of Apple Silicon Macs – meaning you might have to wait until next year for any more significant innovations.

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An update to the current MacBook Air and MacBook Pro lineup

We’ve mentioned it a few times already but the party-pooping rumours come courtesy of experienced and reliable Apple reporter Mark Gurman. 

Gurman reports that the first Apple Silicon MacBooks will simply be updated versions of the current 13-inch MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro and 16-inch MacBook Pro lineup – with the same design but refreshed with the shiny new Apple Silicon chips.

While the Apple Silicon innovation is exciting in its own right, there were certainly hopes that Apple could bring the first Apple Silicon devices to market with a bit more of a bang. Once again, stellar performance could do this job on its own. Nevertheless, those hoping for slimmer bezels on the 13-inch models and innovations like 5G support, touchscreens or a complete redesign will have to wait.



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