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Mercedes reveals incredible mind-control technology in this new concept car

This incredible new concept car from Mercedes shows off the jaw-dropping potential of mind control for the vehicles of the future.

Apparently it’s not just Professor X of the X-Men who can boast mind control; in the future, perhaps we will all use our minds to control our cars. Mercedes gave us a glimpse of this fantastical idea with its new concept car, the Vision ATVR.

So, how does it work? Tech Radar reports that users must wear a BCI device, containing electrodes, affixed to your head while you’re in control of the vehicle. After a one-minute calibration procedure, drivers can perform functions within the car using just their thoughts.

Mercedes-Benz stated: “The BCI device measures the neuronal activity at the cortex in real time. It analyses the measured brain waves and recognises on which light points the user directs [their] focus and full attention (attention-sensing interface). The stronger the focus, the higher the neuronal activity. The device then triggers the targeted function in the vehicle.”

Currently this astonishing technology is just limited to a concept car and as such it won’t be implemented on production cars any time soon, nor is it likely to be adopted even in the near future.

This concept car was actually inspired by the movie Avatar, and it boasts far more than just this mind-control feature; it’s also ‘completely without emissions’, with an engine power of 350 kW, and can fully recharge in just 15 minutes.




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