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Nestflix is a neat tribute to all your favourite films within a film

If you’ve ever caught a glimpse of a fascinating fake film whilst watching an actual movie or TV show, then this is a trivia tribute you’ll love.

As far as I’m concerned, the best part of Tropic Thunder happens well before the title card comes up. From angsty awards-bait Satan’s Alley to the braindead action blockbuster Scorcher, the comedy commences with a handful of fake trailers starring the likes of Robert Downey Jr, Ben Stiller, and Jack Black in character as stereotypical stars of the silver-screen. It’s not the first time I’ve felt that I’d rather one of the mocked-up movies than the film itself; and if you’ve thought the same, you need to check out Nestflix.

The website, dedicated to films “nested” within other films or TV shows, might share a similar title and interface to the streaming giant Netflix, but unfortunately it isn’t actually a streaming service; instead, it catalogues all these cutaways in a database that lists casting details and still images for a treasure trove of trivia.

So if you want to take a longer look at Angels with Filthy Souls, the classic noir thriller that Kevin McAllister uses to frighten the life out of an innocent pizza delivery boy in Home Alone, you’ll find it right there — and the website is free to use, so you can “keep the change, ya filthy animal!”

A particular highlight for me has been trawling the archives of Simpsons-related titles, from the all-guns-blazing action vehicle McBain as he fights valiantly against ‘Commie-Nazis’, to fading star Troy McClure’s turn in Muppets Go Medieval, in which he appears to play the role of a “muppet made out of leather” according to Bart.

The caringly-compiled compendium is sure to provide plenty of smiles to film fans, as you can’t stop yourself from scrolling down to see each and every miniature movie you wished you could have watched over the years.



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