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New iMac Pro with Mini-LED display could arrive as soon as Spring 2022

The newest iMac Pro could be unveiled in early 2022 with a highly advanced Mini-LED display being its key feature upon launch.

For many of us it could be hard to say what could possibly make the iMac Pro any better than it already it is, but due to a recent tip-off by an industry insider, we might just have the answer: a 120Hz ProMotion Mini-LED display.

According to Roos Young of the Display Supply Chain website, that’s what we can expect to arrive in the spring of this year.

It’s true that we’re overdue an new version of the iMac Pro, seeing as the current edition was launched in 2017, and the estimated date also fits with our expectations, seeing as the latest iMac was released around a similar time in 2020 (April, to be precise). Nonetheless, these specs certainly give us plenty of reasons for excitement.

The Mini-LED technology, which is present on the iPad Pro and the MacBook Pro, should provide greater contrast, higher brightness, better power efficiency, and more resistance to the burn-in that can occur on OLED displays. There’s a lot to like, and we’re relived to know that this tech will soon make its way to the premium edition of Apple’s desktop computer.

On top of that, the 120Hz ProMotion feature should deliver a display that is far smoother than the current maximum of just 60Hz that you’ll find on the 2017 iMac Pro. 

However, you might have to wait a little longer for some of the other overdue updates regarding the screens of Apple products. According to the same source, OLED technology may not make its way to the iPad and MacBook until 2023 or even 2024.





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