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Nintendo officially denies that a Pro version of the Switch is in development

Nintendo has officially disavowed reports that claim it to be manufacturing a new higher-spec version of its flagship gaming console.

For years now, rumours have circulated that Nintendo would release a higher-powered version of its beloved Nintendo Switch console, which would take the ‘Pro’ suffix along with considerable hardware improvements over the original that was launched in 2017.

However, the manufacturer sought to definitively put these claims to rest with an official denial on Twitter, claiming that there are “no plans for any new model” other than the forthcoming Nintendo Switch OLED.

Given that previous so-called leaks have been widespread and detailed about the supposed Pro model, it may come as a surprise — not to mention a disappointment — to many of Nintendo’s fans who were hoping for an all-singing all-dancing version of their favourite console to be released in the coming year or so.

Plenty reasoned to themselves that the company may just be using Simpsons lawyer Lionel Hutz’s interpretation of “the truth” rather then being fully candid about their plans, especially in light of an imminent new launch, but that will only be clarified with the benefit of hindsight should the Pro model actually appear.

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In the meantime, customers will simply have to satisfy themselves with the current range from the Japanese company. Since the original’s release around four years ago we’ve also been treated to the Nintendo Switch Lite, a fully portable adaptation of the hybrid console, and the soon-to-arrive Nintendo Switch OLED, which packs an improved screen but few other major new features. What’s more, the standard Nintendo Switch has also seen a permanent price cut to £259.99 in recent days, making it cheaper than ever to buy one. 


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