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NOW TV has been rebranded, so now you need to know it’s NOW from now on

NOW TV has changed its name, but fortunately the streaming service won’t exactly be unrecognisable to its returning customers.

NOW TV, the streaming service, has rebranded and will from henceforth be: NOW.

You might think that’s not exactly a dramatic change but Marina Storti, Managing Director of the company, begs to differ: “By moving from NOW TV to NOW, we marry our world-class quality with brilliant simplicity. This immediacy creates a true destination and community for those who love and live for the best entertainment.”

Who knows how many customers, who would otherwise be happily loving and living, had previously been put off by the complexity of the name “NOW TV”, but they are surely deeply relieved by this news. As they should be, because beneath the pompous PR pap, NOW actually offers a strong alternative to Disney Plus and Netflix.

Several different NOW memberships are available from £3.99 per month contract-free, and it depends on your tastes which one is the right choice for you. Entertainment Members will have access to a range of dramas, documentaries and comedies, including critically-acclaimed HBO and Sky Originals.

As a Cinema Member, you’d have access to more than 1000 films, including recent releases and stone-cold classics, with a new premiere every day. Sports Members will have access to live sports including Premier League football, F1 motorsport, golf, international cricket, and even more, across 11 Sky Sports channels. For an extra £3 per month, NOW Boost will deliver content in 1080p HD, with Dolby Digital Surround Sound and 3-device streaming.

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However, the rebrand will probably have to do a lot of heavy lifting if NOW is to compete with the biggest streaming services on the block. According to The Guardian, Netflix currently has 203.7 million subscribers, while Disney Plus has just passed the 100 million mark and is on track to overtake Netflix by 2024. By comparison, Amazon Prime Video is currently reported to have 147 million subscribers.




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