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Oppo concept phone folds three times – but is that three too many?

Oppo has unveiled a new foldable phone design concept that folds not once but three times – it’s a palm-sized portable that’s very easy on the eye.

If you’re struggling to wield an iPhone 12 Pro Max (or any or 2020’s other gigantic handsets) then you might have found yourself wishing that you could just fold it into the palm of your hand until it’s pocketable. This might seem unrealistic, but not so far – Oppo’s latest foldable concept could provide exactly that.

Designed in conjunction with Japanese company nendo, the phone seems to be composed of several different segments, like links in a chain, so that the screen size is easily adjustable at several points along a series of three horizontal hinges.

At its smallest the device is easily held just in the palm of your hand, but at its largest it could be taller than any of your previous phones. With that being said, it looks remarkably thin both in terms of its aspect ratio and its construction, which could potentially make it vulnerable to a clumsy knock. The concept is likely to be divisive as foldable phones have yet to settle on a ‘normal’ form factor.

Oppo also showed off a set of complementary wireless devices, including earphones, a smartwatch and a charging case. These look like a neat set too, but it’s also very much in the early conceptual stages of development.

Even though foldable phones have been around for over a year now, it still feels like a rarity when you spot one in the real world, and the design has not really captured the public imagination in the same way as devices of the past. The very existence Huawei Mate X, Samsung Galaxy Fold, and the Microsoft Surface Duo all seem to show that the big brands are seriously investing in the concept – but has it won you over yet, or is it too still early to tell? Tell us what you think in our poll:




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