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Oppo X 2021: Should rolling-screen phones replace foldables?

Oppo has unveiled a new concept for a phone with a rolling screen. Will this innovative new design overtake Samsung’s folding phones as the form factor of the future?

At the Oppo Inno 2020 event, the Chinese manufacturer revealed several new concept designs for the future; new VR glasses and a mini SuperVOOC charger were unveiled, but none of the products was more impressive than the phone with a rolling screen, named (for now) the Oppo X 2021.

The device has a 6.7-inch screen which can expand to a maximum size of 7.4-inches when fully unfurled, giving a much larger surface area to watch videos, browse the web, or perhaps multitask – a given example was replying to messages whilst simultaneously playing a mobile game.

Addressing in advance the concerns about durability that have circulated around all the new form factors since the disappointing first launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Oppo was at pains to explain the robust design of this new device, which has a tough screen laminate layer and a support structure underneath.

But more exciting for some critics of foldable phones will be that the new device will not have a crease down the middle of the screen. This slightly unsightly effect has been present at the central axis of many folding screen devices, but would be eliminated in a rolling-screen device, giving it a much more uniform and pleasing look.

So what do you think? Will rolling screen phones turn out to be the popular new form factor of the future, taking the place of the folding phones championed by Samsung and Huawei? Let us know what you think in the poll below…



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