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Out of the mouths of boobs? New Salma Hayek show on HBO Max features talking breasts

HBO Max has commissioned Salma Hayek’s new TV show about breasts that can talk, and we’d be lying if we said it didn’t have our attention.

Many women are all too familiar with the uncomfortable situation of a man talking to their breasts rather than to them. But this new HBO Max show will add another twist, where a woman’s breasts start talking back to her. Salma Hayek’s Ventarossa Productions is supporting A Boob’s Life, inspired by Leslie Lehr’s book about the position of the female breast in American culture (which will be released on March 2 of this year).

According to Deadline, the show is about a 40-year old woman named Leslie, “whose life gets turned upside down when her boobs start talking to her, forcing her to look at herself in a completely different light”.

In a statement describing the project, Salma Hayek said: “In A Boob’s Life, we use breasts as a metaphor for the constant judgement women are submitted to, creating a collective sensation that no matter what we do we are never enough. In this show, we give the breast a voice that takes us through the life of a woman from a unique perspective that often we don’t dare to see.”

The TV adaptation will take the form of petite 30-minute episodes, under showrunner Cynthia Mort. As of yet it seems that only one series has been commissioned, but if it’s a great triumph then doubtless the concept will continue to grow. 

The premise is certainly intriguing, and it’s made us wonder whether future programmes will follow its example by introducing other talking body parts. Personally I’d love to see a show about a man who solves crimes by communicating with his private parts (the true brains of the operation).

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HBO Max is not currently available in the UK, and it is unlikely to arrive here in the near future. For now, most HBO shows are broadcast via Sky due to the exclusivity deal between the brands, so that will probably be the best way to feast your eyes on the show once it premieres.




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