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PS5 production has been slashed, so you may have to wait even longer to get your hands on it

According to a reliable source, the production of PS5 consoles has been slashed, meaning that yet more potential customers could be disappointed once again.

Bloomberg has quoted reliable sources reporting that Sony’s target of producing 16 million PS5 consoles by the end of March 2022 is unlikely to be met, with that figure now steering towards 15 million instead.

The reason for the one million unit shortfall is the chip shortage that has affected many different companies in the tech industry, including Apple, and unfortunately it seems that there is simply no easy resolution to the problem in the short term.

By the same token, Valve recently announced that its much awaited Steam Deck portable gaming PC has also been delayed due to “global supply chain issues”, and the console will not launch until February despite being announced as arriving before the end of this year.

Microsoft had already announced that shortages of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles would continue into next year, due to these same factors.

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The delays are evidently frustrating news for the long line of people still waiting to get to grips with the new console generation, especially seeing as there have already been long-standing supply issues ever since the very day of launch.

What’s more, Sony’s latest effort is absolutely worth the high levels of anticipation and demand from eager fans. In our review, we had particular praise for the speed and power of the machine, which allows game-changing innovations such as 3D audio and hardware-accelerated ray-tracing, along with super fast download speeds. But arguably we were most impressed by the incredibly textured haptic feedback offered by the new DualShock controllers. Believe us, it will be worth the wait.





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