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PS5 Review

The Sony PS5 console is likely to define another generation of video games, just as its predecessors did. But will new SSD technology and the DualSense controller be enough to keep its status as top dog?

What we love — it’s very fast and powerful, with great usability and a great controller

The main consideration when buying a new console is whether it has got the necessary power to match your performance expectations. We’re happy to say that the PS5 delivers on this – now you can enjoy the pleasures of game-changing features like 3D audio, and graphical innovations such as hardware-accelerated ray-tracing, while large file downloads take place at lightning speed, giving you more time to just play.

So much of the PS5 will feel familiar to those who played previous generations of Sony consoles, so you should be able to jump right in – but there are a few welcome modifications made to render your experience just that bit more enjoyable. The Control Centre, accessed at the push of the PS button, leads you straight to see your notifications, downloads, music, friends, and more. In-game options now include the ability to use guides which should help new players get settled in.

The new DualShock controller is the greatest innovation offered by the console, bringing incredibly specific haptic feedback – such as the pattering of raindrops against your palms – and the input is equally responsive, with different levels of pressure registered by the trigger buttons. Truly, you’ll have to experience it to believe it.

What we don’t like — the construction isn’t brilliant, and it’s not as fast as its key rival

Having praised its performance, we do have to admit that it doesn’t quite measure up to Microsoft’s flagship console. That’s unlikely to cause any compromising issues over the course of the generation as a whole, but one telling sticking point is that both the Series X and Series S load up existing games much faster than the PS5, earning them extra points for backwards compatibility.

But what you’ll notice long before any difference in performance is the relatively disappointing design. The PS5 is huge to the point of being a little ungainly, and its design is very plastic-heavy which lends it an air of cheapness that isn’t exactly desirable at such a high price point.


The PS5 console makes meaningful improvements all round but remains highly accessible to the seasoned Sony veteran or the newbie. The DualSense controller is a particular high point that adds greatly to the immersion, and the machine’s power – albeit not reaching the heights of the Xbox Series X – is nonetheless very impressive and capable. Bearing in mind there’s already a library of great compatible games and a tranche of upcoming exclusives that have turned our heads, the PS5 is a very appealing prospect that should stand you in good stead for years to come.

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