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Recombeers: The Brewdog Boys get their hands on the Xiaomi Mi 11

Anyone else enjoying that Friday feeling? If you need a bit of help rounding out the working week then we’ve got a brand new episode of Recombeers for your eyes only (and anyone else who fancies tuning in).

Sadly yours truly had nothing fun to talk about this week so I was promptly booted off the set, only to be replaced by Recombu’s very own head honcho, Alastair Stevenson, with this week’s second chair going once again to the mobile master himself, Max Parker.

As a complete coincidence, both of this week’s talking heads managed to bring in a beer from Brewdog’s collection. As per the current times, Max has a cheeky sip on the fitting Lock Down pilsner, whilst Alastair opts for some summery notes in the citrus-infused Clockwork Tangerine (why am I still teetotal?).

For the Winners and Losers portion of the episode, the former conversation was easily dominated by Jaguar’s recent announcement that all of its new cars from 2025 onwards will be electric. Given that most other manufacturers are aiming to do the same but around the 2030 mark, Jaguar could seriously beat them to the punch by setting up a wider range of electric cars ahead of its competition.

The undeniable loser of the week is the news that MWC (the Mobile World Congress event) in 2021 plans to have a physical element to its proceedings. As one of the first major tech events to be cancelled last year, the seriousness of the pandemic is not lost on MWC’s organisers, which is why it seems so odd that an in-person event is suddenly deemed to be a good idea.

While the organisers of MWC will no doubt have a chance to ponder whether such an announcement was a huge mistake, we do luckily have some great tech distractions in this week’s Show and Tell. Max is currently reviewing the Xiaomi Mi 11 which, if you haven’t heard, is an absolute beast of a phone where specs are concerned, and it’s coming in at a low price to go head to head with the Galaxy S21.

Speaking of Galaxy products, two new Samsung devices in the form of the Galaxy Smart Tags and the Galaxy Buds Pro also make an appearance in the latest episode, but you’ll have to tune in to hear what team Recombu makes of them.

As always, we do get a kick out of reading your comments so if there’s anything on your mind surrounding tech, entertainment or even our thinly veiled love of Brewdog, then let us known in the comments section. Your support also goes a long way so if you haven’t already then please do subscribe to Recombu’s YouTube channel and get notified every time we upload a brand new unboxing, versus or Recombeers episode.


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