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Roku Streaming Stick Plus Review

Roku Streaming Stick Plus is a remarkably simple yet effective streaming device option that is taking on the big dogs. While the market is now filled with the like of Amazon, Google and Apple, Roku continues ticking along with its stellar streaming range.

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What we love – Platform agnostic, easy-to-use and reliable connection

While the situation has improved as of late, the big players in the market have been known to have the odd squabble, with consumers bearing the brunt. For the most part, Roku has stayed away from these tussles. The result is you can get Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and everything you’d expect from a modern streaming stick.

There are few restrictions to the formats you can experience, unlike devices such as Apple TV 4K – with support for 4K at 60 fps (including YouTube) and HDR10. You can even access the Apple TV app on Roku, a rarity among streaming sticks.

The Roku experience is certainly one of the less fiddly on the market, easily striding ahead of Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast in terms of usability. You can browse from app to app with little noticeable latency. Roku lets you easily manage your favourite apps and even has a universal search for finding your chosen show or movie on any platform.

Along with snappy performance, the speediness extends to the Roku Stick’s handling of your internet connection. Roku supports 802.11ac MIMO dual-band wireless, which simply means it connects to your router with ease and you shouldn’t experience any issues in the Wi-Fi department.

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Roku Streaming Stick Plus Review

What we don’t like – No Dolby Vision or included HDMI extension

For those who are visual standard fantasists, you won’t find everything you’d want here. The Roku Streaming Stick Plus does lack support for Dolby Vision – Dolby’s impressive take on the HDR standard. Nevertheless, HDR10 is supported and offers stunning range in its own right.

Sticking the HDMI end of your streaming stick isn’t always possible or the most convenient way of attaching your device and that’s why many manufacturers include a small HDMI extension cable in the box. This isn’t something Roku offers but you can get one for free from Roku if you request it. The cable isn’t all that big so we’re not sure how much trouble just sticking it in the box would’ve caused the company.


The Roku Streaming Stick Plus is the plucky underdog of the streaming device world. Without the might of Amazon or Google behind it, the Streaming Stick Plus makes the best of this shortcoming by offering supreme choice and ease of use at a stellar sub-£60 price.

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