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Samsung has just made a team of robot butlers to cater for your every whim

With the distinct appearance of androids from a sci-fi film, Samsung has introduced a couple of robots that function as domestic servants.

In one of the more mind-boggling presentations at CES, Samsung has presented a pair of robots that can handle everyday tasks on your behalf, to make life just that little bit easier. Take a look at the video below to see the duo in action:

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The Bot Care uses Artificial Intelligence to keep you on track of your schedule and take care of you, such as suggesting taking a break from work or stretching your muscles every now and then. Most of these tasks can already be achieved through a calendar app or with an activity tracker though, so it seems of fairly limited use in the real world. 

The Bot Handy really rolls its metaphorical sleeves up and gets stuck in with household tasks; it can cook a meal, set a table, stack a dishwasher, or even pour a glass of wine – and really, what more could you ever need? This smart little cyborg can achieve these tasks by analysing the material composition of various objects before applying the appropriate amount of gripping force. The video demonstration seemed to have more cuts than the scene where Liam Neeson unconvincingly jumped over a fence in Taken 3, so we’ll just wait and see how efficiently it can actually perform its job in the real world before handing Jeeves his marching orders.

The white design and monochromatic digital interface of the Bot Handy and the Bot Care are strikingly reminiscent of EVE from the Pixar movie WALL-E, and we hope that the robots themselves will be similarly pleasant or else 2020 will just have been a warm-up for a dystopian event of a different nature.


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