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Samsung has just unveiled a mind-boggling 200-megapixel smartphone camera sensor

Samsung has shown off its newest camera sensor, which boasts an incredible 200 megapixel count and could be on its way to future smartphones.

Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly cram any more pixels into a camera phone, Samsung has just gone and done exactly that, with a new 200-megapixel sensor that’s designed for future smartphones.

Named the ISOCELL HP1, the raw individual pixels will measure just 0.64μm which doesn’t compare favourably to the 0.8μm pixels of the ISOCELL HM3, which is featured on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

However, its new Chameleon Cell pixel binning process offers a couple of alternative options: in 2×2 pixel binning mode, the sensor offers 50MP images with 1.28µm pixels, while in 4×4 pixel binning mode, it delivers 12.5MP images with 2.65μm pixel size. When it comes to video performance, the HP1 offers 4K footage at 120fps (ideal for slow-motion), and 8K recordings at 30fps.

Additionally, another 50-megapixel sensor named the ISOCELL GM5 was also given its debut. Producing 1.0μm pixels and boasting one million phase-detecting multi-directional photodiodes, it certainly looks like a promising bit of kit.

Samsung has given samples of the new sensors to manufacturers, but as of yet we’ve still no idea when we could see them in action on a smartphone for the first time.




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