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Samsung might adopt Wear OS for its next smartwatch

Rumours indicate that Samsung could soon ditch the Tizen operating system in favour of Google’s software for wearables, due to lack of third-party apps.

According to a South Korean source, Samsung may finally ditch the Tizen operating system that it employs on its wearables, and will instead rely on Google’s Wear OS software. Money Today reports that insiders have confirmed the switch, indicating that the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch 4 Active are set to sport Wear OS.

The change has apparently come about because Tizen lacks many of the third party apps boasted by its rival, especially apps related to messaging or health. In our review of the Galaxy Watch 3, we noted that it certainly doesn’t boast the range of apps on offer to the Apple Watch Series 6, but we were satisfied that the most popular apps, including Spotify and Uber, were still available on the Tizen platform.

The same source goes on to allege that the standard Galaxy Watch and the Active version will be more divergent than ever before in this fourth generation, and that both will be released at the same time rather than the traditional staggered launch. The Active 4 will apparently be available in 40mm or 42mm sizes, while the Watch 4 will be sold as a 42mm or 46mm variant. Neither watch will apparently have the rumoured blood glucose monitoring capability.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 are also rumoured to be arriving at the same launch event, so we’ll be able to see just how much Samsung’s foldable tech has improved over the past couple of years. Seeing as how the Samsung Galaxy Note product line is said to be getting ditched, the Fold series could take precedence and boast all-new flagship features which otherwise would arrive first on the stylus-toting phablet.







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