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Series X and PS5 vs xCloud, GeForce Now and Stadia – What’s the future of gaming?

Not long after the start of this generation of gaming, streaming was being touted as the future of gaming. Since then, the talk has become a lot more reserved but, with Microsoft’s xCloud finally coming to Game Pass, streaming looks to be in a better position than ever before. But is it really the future?

Xbox Series X and PS5 are closing in – powerful hardware that is the closest consoles have ever got to basically being chunky tower PCs. With the interest in these consoles at fever pitch, the excitement for powerhouse hardware shows little sign of slowing down.

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On the other side of things, gaming streaming services are yet to take off. Google Stadia didn’t soar with its high prices, measly game library and a ton of announced features not making their way to the platform. While Nvidia GeForce Now showed promise initially, with its more open platform, offering support for playing games from your exciting library. Nevertheless, a lot of game developers dropped out and it left GeForce Now a much less appealing purchase.

The little said about PlayStation’s PS Now the better, with the service needing a much-needed relaunch (PlayStation Plus adding a whole host of PS4 games for download come the PS5 launch appears to be a sort-of stop-gap for the company’s lack of strong streaming support).

The brightest spark of game streaming goodness comes from one of the hardware manufacturers in the form of Microsoft’s xCloud. xCloud has now been announced as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, bringing streaming to Game Pass titles so you can play these games anywhere you fancy on your consoles, Android phone and PC.

It’s the existence of Game Pass, and its ongoing success, that makes the future of game streaming a bit muddier. Will game streaming ever fully take over the gaming industry? Will it hit a thick powerful hardware-sized wall? Or, will we be left with a happy medium? Vote below.

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