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Seven hells! There’s another Game of Thrones prequel in the works

Now that the dust is settling on everyone’s DVD boxsets, HBO is developing a new series based on another book within the Game of Thrones universe.

Variety has reported that HBO has commissioned a prequel series based on the short stories known as Tales of Dunk and Egg by George RR Martin.

These stories take place approximately 90 years before the start of the Song of Ice and Fire series which formed the basis of the Game of Thrones TV series, and they recount the tales of Ser Duncan the Tall (or ‘Dunk’) and Aegon V Targaryen (‘Egg’). According to the book’s description, Ser Duncan is a courageous but naive young knight eager to prove himself, while ‘Egg’ acts as a squire to him, all the while hiding his identity as the heir to the throne.

There are three stories in the collection to date, entitled: ‘The Hedge Knight’, ‘The Sworn Sword’, and ‘The Mystery Knight’. Martin has claimed he will write more entries in the series; but considering that patient fans have been waiting almost ten years and counting for the publication of The Winds of Winter, we wouldn’t bet your bottom dollar on that happening any time soon.

While Game of Thrones may have lost some fans’ goodwill due to its widely disappointing final season, HBO is evidently hoping that enough people will forgive and forget any mistakes made in the past for the prospect of a triumphant return to Westeros. Critics who took issue with the writing quality of the final series will at least be pleased to note that the new TV production will be based on Martin’s original work.

The Dunk and Egg series is just one of three Game of Thrones prequels that have been in pre-production at HBO. One untitled series (set to star Naomi Watts in the lead role) has already been cancelled, while another entitled “House of the Dragon” is slated for a 2022 premiere.

Are you cautiously optimistic about this new series? Or have all the bridges been burned following the frustrating GoT finale? Let us know in the poll below.



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