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Snorers, beware: FitBit is going to call you out

FitBit has introduced a software update for its wearables to snitch on snorers, so you’ll catch some notifications after catching some Zs.

What could be more embarrassing and annoying than your partner nudging you in the middle of the night to tell you that you’re snoring? Probably your fitness tracker doing the same thing, but without a commiserating kiss to make you feel a little better. But according to a careful inspection of a recent app update, FitBit really is planning to snitch on you if you’ve been snoring.

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9to5 Google noticed that the code of the FitBit 3.42 update, which arrived on the Play Store on May 27, includes preparation for a more advanced form of sleep tracking that will keep tabs on snoring as well as the overall quality of your sleep.

Image Credit: 9to5 Google

The new feature will work by employing the microphone present on some FitBit devices to record sound, and measuring the detected noise. The results will be presented as a breakdown of the time you spent snoring during sleep, on a scale of “None to Mild” (<10% of sleeping time) up to “Frequent” (>40% of sleeping time). Of course, one inevitable flaw of the new feature is that it can’t tell who is snoring if you’re lying in bed next to someone else. So much like when a smelly fart wafts into the air, you can just accuse each other until finally laying the blame on the dog. 

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The same recording feature will also be used to measure ambient noise in your bedroom, giving you the results in decibels, with “Very Quiet” being just 30dBA and “Very Loud” being 90dBA – approximately the same noise level as a lawn mower or hair dryer, so if you can sleep through that then I doubt your partner’s snores will be much of an issue.

As you might have guessed, this extra feature will be another demanding drain on the battery, so FitBit recommends that you charge your device up to 40% before you snuggle up in bed. Naturally, it will only be available to the high-end FitBit wearables that have microphones, excluding the Fitbit Inspire, Inspire HR, Inspire 2 and Luxe.


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