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Spotify’s smartwatch app just got a big upgrade

Spotify is finally implementing some new user-friendly features for both watchOS and Wear OS that will make it easier to listen to music on the go.

The music streaming app is will extend the ability of downloading music offline to its app on Apple’s watchOS and devices compatible with Wear OS (the Android equivalent). 

This feature is at last being brought onto the two major platforms, having already been available on Garmin and Samsung devices for some time. Meanwhile, the Apple Watch has already enabled offline synced playlists through other apps, notably Apple Music and, as of earlier this week, Deezer. 

The new functionality means that you’ll be able to listen to your music when you’re out and about with just your smartwatch on your person, without the necessity of bringing your smartphone as well, which is perfect if you want to run without any distractions or unwanted encumbrances.

This news comes the week after Google announced, in partnership with Samsung, that it was introducing sweeping changes to Wear OS (even changing the name to “Wear”), which is the brand’s signature operating system for wearables – including a few other tweaks to the Spotify app, as shown in the tweet embedded above.

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The combination of Samsung’s and Google’s expertise could result in a proper (and long overdue) rival to the Apple Watch, which it’s fair to say is leagues ahead of the competition when it comes to the variety of apps available and their seamless implementation on a wristbound device. Previously, both Google’s Wear OS devices and Samsung’s Tizen devices have foundered somewhat, but joining forces could save the both of them.

However, critics have claimed that the partnership is more an admittance of failure than anything else, with both brands just looking to keep their head above water in the competitive market rather than even attempting to challenge Apple’s dominance. 





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