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Surprise Nintendo Direct announced for tonight – could N64 games arrive on Switch?

Nintendo took to Twitter last night to surprise gamers everywhere by announcing a last-minute Nintendo Direct, designed to cover Switch games that are launching this Winter.

The event is scheduled for 6pm Eastern Time which unfortunately means a late night for us Brits, translating to an 11pm start in the UK. Best of luck to those who fancy staying up to watch the shenanigans, but I’ll be catching the highlights first thing tomorrow morning.

But what exactly do we reckon Nintendo is about to announce? Well, the smart money – after a flood of reports over the last week – is on the possibility of Nintendo 64 games joining the Nintendo Switch Online library, alongside the release of a Switch-compatible N64 controller.

This rumour stems from a device that’s been filed by Nintendo to the FCC in the US. All we know for sure is that it’s running under the code name BKEHAC043 – with the ‘HAC’ portion tying it to the Switch, as those three letters have appeared on every Switch device thus far.

Given that it’s on the cusp of release, you can almost guarantee that more information will be dropped for Metroid Dread. The title is intended to be the culmination of the decades long storyline occurring in the 2D sidescrolling Metroid titles.

There’s a good chance that we might see the final DLC character for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. A quick glance around the interwebs shows a ton of speculation as to who that might be, with Rayman and Doomguy himself in the running.

A Switch port of Alan Wake Remastered was spotted on the Brazilian rating’s board earlier this week, with hype circulating that the game may be officially announced during Nintendo’s event.


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