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The BMW XM Concept SUV looks mean as hell, and it could be on the road by next year

The BMW XM Concept looks like a vehicle you really don’t want to get to get on the wrong side of. Alongside its mean looks, the specs are just as impressive too.

Admittedly they’re aren’t many four-wheel drives that I’d like to get in the way of, but that’s especially true of the recently-released BMW XM Concept SUV. Looking like the vehicular equivalent of your girlfriend’s dad glaring from across the dinner table, its design is all about hard edges and sharp angles, with the trademark kidney grilles at the front having been enlarged to menacing proportions with surround LED lighting.

bmw xm front

Image Credit: BMW

If the exterior looks vaguely threatening, then at least the starkly contrasting interior seems to offer comfort in spades. Covered in leather from top to toe and providing a large curved touchscreen for the driver, you’ll surely feel right at home when you’re sitting in the cabin which BMW describes as resembling “a cigar lounge.”

bmw xm concept interior

Image Credit: BMW

The BMW XM Concept isn’t just about looks; the specs are pretty impressive too for the most part. It’s a plug-in hybrid (a first for a BMW M car) that runs on a twin turbocharged V8 combustion engine and an electric motor, it can produce 750hp and an impressive 1,000Nm of torque. Though it would be one of the most powerful electric cars around, the disappointing stat is that it would have just 80km (~50 miles) of range when driving electric-only.

You can see the vehicle in action in the above video, which traces the brand’s heritage and explains the unusual but arresting choices that were made during this vehicle’s design.

If you’re a fan of the concept, then there’s some good news coming your way; the XM is the initial inspiration for a new BMW hybrid car that will go into production by the end of 2022.



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