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The complete guide to finding the right case for your AirPods Pro

Are you looking for an outer case for your new AirPods Pro? Whether you prioritise style or security, you can rely on our expertly curated list to help you make the right choice.

Keep your AirPods Pro earphones in their charge case and you can be fairly sure they’re stay in good nick. But who protects the protector? An AirPods Pro case slips over the battery case, keeping away scratches and soaking up any impact damage should you accidentally drop your headphones. A well-designed case will still let you use wireless charging and provide good access to the wired charging port. Here are some of the best AirPods Pro cases.

Spigen Urban Fit case

Consider the Spigen Urban Fit if you’re happy to change the outer appearance of your AirPods Pro a little. It has a woven exterior, with polycarbonate protection underneath and a microfibre interior to act as a soft buffer between it and the charge case. You get a carabiner in the box, and there’s a cut-out for the AirPod Pro’s little LED.


  • Woven outer layer adds grippy texture
  • Well-designed AirPods Pro case
  • Doesn’t wipe out wireless charging


  • Takes the AirPods Pro look in a different direction, which may not appeal to everyone 

Elago Liquid Hybrid Silicone

The Elago Liquid Hybrid Silicone case is more complicated than it looks. This is not simply a silicone sheath you place over the AirPods Pro charging case. While it’s soft-touch silicone on the outside, there’s another layer of hard polycarbonate underneath. It may feel smooth, but it functions as tough armour too. This case comes in four colours.


  • Looks low-key but offers serious protection
  • Soft-touch finish
  • Includes a carabiner


  • Tougher to remove than a basic silicone skin

Native Union Leather Case

Here’s one to consider if you want a case as classy as the AirPods Pro themselves. The Native Union Leather Case is a shell topped with genuine Italian leather, designed to age gracefully as you move about life with those headphones in your pocket. There’s a cut-out for the case LED and it doesn’t block wireless charging.


  • Stylish case-hugging shell design
  • Topped with real Italian leather
  • Doesn’t spoil any of the AirPod Pro’s features


  • Costs more than most

Nigaee Genuine leather case

Here’s another leather option if you’re after a more affordable AirPods Pro case. It’s made of real leather, but looks more like a tiny satchel than just an extra skin for the earphones’ charging case. A popper keeps the case closed and there’s a built-in clasp, which you could use to attach them to your keys. It’s available in five colours.


  • Distinctive design seems inspired by leather bags or satchels
  • Popper keeps the case closed for added protection
  • Built-in clasp, so can attach to a belt loop


  • Extends the dimensions of your AirPods Pro charging case a little

Wireless headphones have entered the mainstream, which means we need protective shells to protect our earbuds while we travel, or simply to make them look great. Our expertly crafted list of AirPod Pro cases will help you show off and keep those precious earbuds away from harm.



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