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The FitBit Charge 5 has been leaked, and it will be full of new fitness features

Images and specifications for the upcoming budget workout watch have been leaked, so here’s everything we know about it before it launches.

The next device in FitBit’s line of affordable fitness trackers has just been leaked extensively online, so we’ve now got a very good idea of what it looks like, what it can do, and what it will cost.

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The leaks came from Snoopy on Twitter, who showed off the new devices in three different shades of strap (cream, black, and blue) and sporting a dazzling colour AMOLED screen. The associated promotional video boasted some of the sportswatch’s key specs, along with the price: $179 (~£130).

The advert promises us that we can “redefine our routine” with such tools as a Daily Readiness Score, which tells you which days are ideal for guided meditation and which are best for you to select one of hundreds of guided workouts. As you’re putting your body through its paces, you can monitor your heart not just through a BPM tracker but also through an EDA sensor and the ECG app on the watch. There also seems to be greater capacity for stress management and sleep tracking.

Evidently this new wearable is targeting a holistic approach to your lifestyle rather than just being there for when you head out on a run, but will it be a success?

One of our few criticisms of the otherwise impressive FitBit Charge 4 was its lack of local music playback, and from the leaks we’ve seen so far that doesn’t seem likely to change. But the addition of these extra health and lifestyle features and the very welcome introduction of a colour screen, while retaining a very reasonable price, means that the FitBit Charge 5 is nonetheless likely to be a very worthy successor.




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