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The Gender Pay Gap in Tech: Are The Silicon Valley Giants Paying Women Less?

April 10 marks the return of Equal Pay Day, an important annual event that originated over two decades ago. First started by the National Committee on Pay Equity, the aim of this day is to highlight the gender pay gap issues which still plague modern society.

The tech industry is sadly no different, paying female employees a smaller average wage than males in every senior position. For instance, women aged under 25 who work in Silicon Valley earn on average 29 percent less than men; a frankly astonishing gap.

Of course, tech is one area which has always been male-dominated, and that doesn’t seem to be a trend that is set to change any time soon. In Silicon Valley, just one quarter of tech roles are filled by women. At the executive level things are even worse. A rather extreme 89 percent of high-up positions are currently inhabited by men, making this a male-dominated sector. It’s no wonder that a quarter of female students say they’ve been put off a tech career as their gender is underrepresented.

Recombu has done some digging and put together the following infographic to highlight the current state of the gender pay gap in tech.

The Gender Pay Gap in Tech


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