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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has just added an unexpected (and fiddly) new feature

Samsung has added a somewhat surprising new feature to the Galaxy Watch 4, but is it really practical enough to be useful?

Samsung has just made its internet browser available to use on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, an added feature that admittedly seems fairly baffling seeing as the device just has a 1.4-inch round screen. 

While many apps can be effectively optimised to make use of the limited space afforded by wearable tech, including the variety of health and fitness-related tools that are essential to its function, it’s still hard to see how most webpages could be made user-friendly on such a tiny display.

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Nonetheless, Samsung has made some attempts to make the app more amenable according to 9to5 Google; there’s the option to zoom in, to add bookmarks, and to open the page on your phone instead. What’s more, the rotating bezel on the premium model, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, allows you to scroll down the page faster with this physical input.

Still, we feel that this feature would only really come in handy for an emergency where for some reason you did not have access to your smartphone. After all, you really can’t see much readable information on such a small display, and we imagine that text input would be particularly difficult with these constraints too.

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But what do you think about this latest feature for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4? Should smart watches have an internet browser even though the screen is not big enough for the ideal experience — or should it be ditched, with your smartphone or PC being your points of access instead? Let us know your opinion in the poll below:



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