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These new Ned Flanders shoes from Adidas are fan-diddly-tastic

Adidas has just launched a footwear tribute to everyone’s favourite annoying neighbour, and it perfectly embodies his cloying character. 

Ned Flanders has just become a goody two shoes in the literal and metaphorical sense now that Adidas has unveiled a pair of shoes that pay homage to every aspect of his outfit. Say hi-diddly-ho to these chic shoes, neighborino:

Image Credit: Adidas

The colour scheme, perfectly matching his pink shirt, green jumper, and brown trousers, make it an unmistakable embodiment of the character everyone loves to hate for being just that tad too perfect all the time. The box itself is adorned with a picture of the Ned outside his beloved Leftorium store, though I’m sure customers will be grabbing them off the shelves with both hands.

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It’s not the first such collaboration between Adidas and the long-running cartoon; the brand has previously made sneakers themed for Duff Beer and the infamous Flaming Moe cocktail.

Flanders remains one of the most popular characters of the show probably because he is the antithesis of Homer Simpson, being hard-working, responsible, and morally consistent despite the suffering he’s gone through over the years due to the Simpsons’ antics. However, his more and more frequently exaggerated characteristics have led to his name being adopted in the term “Flanderisation“, meaning a sitcom character who becomes an outlandish caricature of their former self. 

Fans of the show will of course remember that it’s not the first time we’ve seen Ned be associated with enviable footwear; he memorably inspired Homer to purchase Assassin trainers for $125. As of yet there’s no official release date or price for these shoes, but be sure to keep them well away from Santa’s Little Helper if you do buy yourself a pair.



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