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This bizarre mod puts Reddit comments into Phoenix Wright courtroom scenes

Reddit comments can form the dialogue in a Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney scene when you employ this unusual mod in your browser.

YouTube user micah uploaded what at first glance may appear to be just another scene from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, the turn-based courtoom game available on the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. But look a little more closely, and you’ll find that his usually watertight legal arguments have been replaced with the pedantic, snide invective of an anally retentive basement-dweller.

That’s because micah has created a mod that translates the famously good-natured discussions on Reddit into a scene from the cult classic. In this particular example, one redditor on the r/confession subreddit made the fatal error of using some slang, and even providing his own brief definition in case of confusion.

Innocent enough, you might think. But his opponent brushes over the issue at play (something as inconsequential as donating money to charity) and instead objects to the comment before signing off with the unconvincing conclusion that they are “not mad, just confused”. As the discussion unravels, nuclear-grade sarcasm is soon deployed — and a meme is born.

We can’t wait to see Phoenix Wright present more comments before the judge during intense cross-examination. Maybe next he can take on some moralistic morsels from the internet sages who freely (perhaps too freely) dispense their wisdom to the denizens of r/AmITheAsshole and r/relationshipadvice. You can try it for yourself by using the source code available on GitHub.

But the longer this goes on, the more I fear for Phoenix’s social skills. How long will it take before our heroic barrister sprouts a neckbeard, acquires a fedora, and blames attractive women for his own lack of basic personal hygiene? Time can only tell.




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