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This fully playable Game Boy is only the size of your thumb, and it’s available for an equally miniscule price

A neat Game Boy that’s just about the size of your thumb has been revealed and is available for pre-order if you want to try it out for yourself.

Retro games consoles are all the range these days, and none are more endearing than the original Game Boy, Nintendo’s portable device from the 80s. But now that the aptly-named company TinyCircuits has released it’s thumb-sized version of the classic console, it’s cuter than ever.

Tiny Circuits Thumby

Image Credit: TinyCircuits

The new device, named Thumby (why of course) runs on a Raspberry Pi RP2040 Processor and holds just 2MB of storage, yet comes with five pre-loaded games, described as follows:

  • TinyBlocks – A classic puzzle game
  • Space Debris – A space shooter, similar to asteroids
  • Annelid – A snake game, collect the food to grow your annelid
  • Delver – A dungeon adventure game, collect and buy weapons, battle monsters
  • Saur Run – You are a small running and jumping dinosaur, side scroller

Additionally, it even allows for the creation of your own games using the MicroPython programming language.

The unit itself offers a tiny 72x40p Monochrome OLED screen, six buttons (the four-directional D-pad plus the A and B action buttons), and runs on a 40mAh battery that will give you two hours of gameplay. There’s also a micro USB port to allow multiplayer input. Its total dimensions are just 29.5mm x 18mm x 8.5mm, so it can easily fit on a keychain — but actually playing with it could prove tricky if you’ve not got particularly petite fingers.

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What’s more, the diddy device is currently available to pre-order via its dedicated Kickstarter page, and the price is far from off-putting. Starting from $19 (~£15) you can get the Thumby in the classic light grey colour, while £24 (~£18) gives you a choice of colours including light blue and magenta. Delivery is estimated for February 2022, and so far the project has already attracted over £44,000 of investment at the time of writing.


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