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Thomas the Tank Engine has arrived in Resident Evil Village, and now it’s scarier than ever

Just when you thought that Resident Evil Village couldn’t possibly be any more terrifying, it’s been joined by none other than Thomas the Tank Engine.

What could be more terrifying than a gigantic vampire? Evidently, a gigantic vampire with the face of Thomas the Tank Engine.

A modder named Count Theodora has created changed the character’s skin in the PC version (available on Nexus Mods) to replace the face of Countess Alcina Dimitrescu with that of Thomas, the lovable locomotive. See for yourself, if you can bear to look upon its cursed countenance…

Image Credit: Count Theodora / Nexus Mods

I don’t know about you, but that glass-eyed, uncanny gaze would frighten me more than any vampire ever would; it’s the kind of thing the Fat Controller must have nightmares about when he’s eaten too much cheese.

The mod applies to Resident Evil Village, the horror video game that comes out on May 7. The ten-foot-tall gothic woman whose face has been replaced by Thomas in the new mod has already garnered legions of fans before the game has even been released, for… let’s just say less than wholesome reasons. You know what the internet’s like.

However the game has been attracting attention for good reasons too —  I promise! Set in a mysterious village in Transylvania, our hero Ethan Winters must search for his kidnapped daughter to save her from a fate worse than death. Taking on vampires, werewolves and other gothic archetypes, it’s looking to continue Resident Evil’s legacy of being both entertaining and terrifying in equal measure.

The demo has been available on PS5 since January, but long-time fans of the illustrious franchise will surely be relieved to know that the wait is almost over, with the game being released tomorrow. 




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