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Tinder is introducing ID verification, so there will be fewer catfish in the sea

The dating app Tinder will soon roll out ID verification all over the world, to make prospective partners feel more secure.

Whenever you agreeing to meet up with someone on Tinder it can feel like you’re taking a big risk. No, not just the risk that your partner will be substantially less attractive than in their photos; that’s more of an assurance, and you’ll still just have to take that your stride without grimacing too noticeably. Instead, it’s the fear that your date isn’t actually who they say they are, and may even have a criminal record, that some users can find worrying.

For that reason, Tinder is cracking down on “catfishing” by introducing ID Verification. With this new tool, which had already been operational in Japan due to stricter regulation in the country, you’ll have to scan an official form such as a driver’s licence or passport in order to qualify for a distinct new badge that proves you are who you say you are.

Much like the current photo verification system, this feature will be entirely voluntary according to users’ own discretion, but it’s likely to provide an extra layer of reassurance to those who need it and don’t want to mingle with people who can’t be vouched for.

According to a spokesman for the company (via TechCrunch),  the company “will also use ID verification to cross-reference data like the sex offender registry in regions where that information is accessible”, which again can assure somewhat greater peace of mind when you’re meeting up with a stranger for the very first time.

With that sorted out, the worst experience you’ll have to fear from Tinder is just cringeworthy chat-up lines, inane small talk, and your messages going unread. Romance isn’t dead, it just ghosted us.


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